Connor Whitney

Connor Whitney

Instructor for Public Speaking
Teaches History and American Politics at Seattle VocTech School.

Overseas teaching and training experience.

UW dual degrees in Political Science and Law

Nick Julian

Nick Julian

Instructor for Persuasion & Debate
Advisor and instructor of STEAM program at Seattle VocTech School.

Competed at the national level on Newport’s Speech and Debate program for 4 years. Continued for 4 more years competing for Northern Arizona University’s Speech and Debate program. Now coaching Newport High team since 2018 tournament.

B.S. in History and a Minor in Psychology from NAU.

Scher Clayton

Scher Clayton

Instructor for Public Speaking
Experience working with students ages 5-12, including leading summer camps and teaching beginning math and English.

Current college student studying Business Management.


Brandon Beaver

Instructor for Storytelling & Language Arts
College student majoring at History

British brought up in Hongkong, fluent in English & Mandarin

Well versed in communicating.

Created and led a community service project which taught local children Art in Hong Kong as an extracurricular activity

10 years’ experience in Traditional Chinese Painting with works ever being displayed at a private exhibition in China


Emre Selcuk

Instructor for Storytelling & Language Arts
Current college student

Leadership and Robotics have been two main pillars throughout his high school experience

Have worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation on many leadership projects and am soon to be a Youth Leadership Ambassador representing them at multiple national Teen Youth events

Have directed him to teach multiple robotics and physics classes individually, or at the University of Washington; also placed highly in Vex Robotics national and international competitions


Aysha Ezgi

Instructor for Storytelling & Language Arts

Passionate about educating the youth of the upcoming generation, ever have 3 years’ experience as a tutor for k12 students.
Have experience working with local politics and organizations in Seattle. This work has strengthened her skills in public speaking and public relations.
Have traveled to fourteen countries so far. truly love connecting with people from all walks of life.