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Recognizing that a strong foundation in language arts in earlier years is crucial for becoming effective communicators later in life, we designed this program to support K-3 graders in improving their reading comprehension as well as developing oral confidence necessary for public speaking through storytelling, poetry recital, and reading aloud techniques.

Given the wide arrange of differences between children just starting school (K- 1st grade) and older children (2nd – 3rd grades), we will split these young learners into two separate cohorts to make sure their unique needs are met. Please select carefully in the dropdown menu below your preferred class time for the age group your kid belongs to.

First class starts on Saturday April 3rd.



Syllabus and Schedule

1 class per week. 1 hour per class. 12 classes in total. First class starts on April 3rd.

Class 1:

Start with the basics – we’ll cover basic talking techniques such as maintaining eye contact and keeping proper body gestures. We’ll give tips for overcoming fear of talking in front of an audience and building confidence.

Classes 2-4:

Strategies for improving reading comprehension, including summarizing, questioning, inferring, and predicting.

Classes 5-6:

Reading aloud methods and practices. Studies have shown that reading out loud improves enunciation, enhances listening and reading skills, and results in greater reading comprehension. In these sessions we’ll learn ways to read out loud to oneself and in front of an audience.

Classes 7-8:

Reciting poetry is a great way to build speech and presentation skills. It familiarizes students with patterns of language, which in turn helps them speak well, read well, and write well.

Classes 9-12:

Storytelling practice. In these lessons, we’ll show the kids several approaches to hooking an audience, including using surprises, asking intriguing questions, using a metaphor, etc. In the end, we’ll practice telling a short story to each other.

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Additional information

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