Public Speaking

4th grade & up


Students learning to master public speaking skills typically start with Informative Speaking. This module covers the fundamentals of Public Speaking, then dives into various elements of presenting to an audience with facts and information. By the end of this 12-week long course, students will have greatly gained confidence in public speaking, learned how to explain and present complex ideas, and improved delivery of a speech through practice and peer feedback.

First class starts on Saturday April 3rd.



Syllabus and Schedule

1 class per week. 2 hours per class. 12 classes in total. First class starts on April 3rd.

Classes 1-2

Basics to Public Speaking: proper body language; overcoming fear and building confidence

Class 3

Analyze and understand the audience.

Class 4

Tips for public speaking: Storytelling – tips to hook any audience.

Classes 5-6

Impromptu speaking techniques & structure

Classes 7-8

Types of informative speeches. Selecting topics, developing speech outline.

Classes 9-10

Use visual aid to increase audience understanding and make the speech more interesting. Types of visual aids.

Classes 11-12

Class practice and feedback

Additional information

Additional information

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4th grade & up

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