Building on the success of our popular pilot program, Public Speaking & Debate, which attracted nearly 200 students over the last two years, we have redesigned the program to allow us to not only broaden the range of topics but also dive deeper in each topic area.

The new Effective Communication program, launched in the fall of 2020, comprises four modules: Storytelling & Language Arts, Informative Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, and Debate Competition. All four modules, each 12-week long, are offered in any given quarter.

Storytelling & Language Arts, a brand new module that was tested to be effective in our Summer Program, targets lower elementary kids (up to the 3rd grade), helping them build basic speaking skills through reading aloud, storytelling, reciting poetry, and other public speaking techniques.

Older kids (4th-10th grades) are encouraged to take the Informative Speaking module and the Persuasive Speaking module in sequence. Informative speech and persuasive speech are two main public speaking styles, with the former focusing on presenting the audience with facts and figures, and the latter on convincing the audience of the speaker’s viewpoints. Students who have already taken the Public Speaking & Debate class with us previously should consider enrolling in the Persuasive Speaking module which will go in more depth in the art of persuasion than taught previously.

For kids who are interested in competitive debate, we are now offering a Debate Competition module that provides ample opportunities for them to learn and practice debate, an effective tool to develop critical thinking and presentation skills.

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