Do you have a referral program? How does it work?

Yes we do! Word of mouth is what keeps us live and we want to thank all the parents who refer us to their fellow parents. This is how it works: when you make a purchase on this website, be sure to write down the name and email address of your referrer, if any. We will then send them an email with a single-use coupon, 10% of the purchased program cost in value, that can be applied to signing up for any program on our site.

Do you have a loyalty program? How does it work?

Yup ! We’re super grateful to our community of parents and students, so we designed a reward program to show our appreciation. Each time you sign up for a class, you’ll receive a single-use coupon in email equal to 10% of the value of the purchased class. The coupon can be applied to signing up for any program on our site.

Can my coupon be transferred to someone else?

Yes. You may have received a coupon as a referrer or after making a purchase on our website. Either way, you can gift the coupon to anyone you like who may benefit from our programs.

Do you offer a trial class?

Due to limited staff resourcing, at this point we aren’t able to offer a free trial prior to signing up for the full program. However, if you do decide to drop out after the first class, we offer a full refund (although we’re so confident in the quality of our curriculum and our teaching staff that we can’t fathom any reason you’d not want to continue ;)). That said, no refund will be provided if cancellation request is made after the second class starts.