We live in an uncertain world, and the only thing certain is change. As parents and educators, we know only too well the importance of raising resilient children capable of dealing with whatever life has to offer. But more importantly, we recognize the crucial needs of raising future leaders capable of impacting social changes and making the world a better place for everyone. Led by this vision, a group of us came together from all walks of life including education, businesses, and NPOs, to create Seattle Leadership Academy with the goal of developing leadership skills in the younger generation.

Believing that no one is born a leader, we have developed a comprehensive and robust curriculum, to teach children tangible and intangible aspects of leadership. For example, through our Public Speaking and Persuasion series, students not only learn and practice effective communication skills, but also develop important leadership qualities such as confidence, self-awareness, positivity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Our programs are designed to fit the growing needs of children as they progress over time. For lower elementary kids, we offer a language arts program that focuses on the arts of story telling and performance. For older kids (upper elementary through middle/high school), a combination of public speaking, persuasion, and competitive debate programs are provided to take communication training to the next level.

So far, nearly 200 kids have participated in one or more of our programs in our offline classrooms. When COVID-19 hit the Seattle area in early 2020, we quickly shifted to an online teaching model. We launched our first ever online summer camps in June 2020. As we grow, we’ll continue to expand the scope and depth of our curriculum by listening to the needs of our parents and students and investing in our teacher community.